What is Holy Nut?

Holy Nut are handmade raw cakes made out of the best organic ingredients. Holy Nut is always: 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free, peanut-free and mainly raw.


All current flavours can be found on the Holy Nut homepage. The cakes come in 1 persons square size portions as pictured on the homepage.


What are the ingredients of Holy Nut?

Ingredient-lists can be found at all Holy Nut retailers.


What are the calories and/or carbs in Holy Nut treats?

Lists with this information can be found at all Holy Nut retailers.


Does Holy Nut contain gluten?

Holy Nut does not contain gluten. It is being made in a gluten-free environment.


Does Holy Nut contain lactose?

Holy Nut is always vegan, therefore it never contains lactose or dairy.


Does Holy Nut contain nuts?

Holy Nut is full of nuts, fruits and seeds. There are two nut-free flavours available. These flavours are being made in a facility that also handles nuts.


Is Holy Nut paleo?

Holy Nut cakes are paleo friendly.


Is Holy Nut organic?

All Holy Nut ingredients are certified organic. 


Which sweeteners are used in Holy Nut?

We use fresh dates, fresh fruits and dried fruits, coconut sugar and in some cakes there is maple syrup or rice syrup. Please check ingredient lists at the retailers if you want to be sure what is in your favourite cake.


Where can I buy Holy Nut?

All Holy Nut retailers are listed at the ‘Where to buy’ section on this website.

Please contact these retailers if you want to know which flavours they stock.


How much does Holy Nut cost?

Prices vary per retailer, please contact them for their prices.


Can I order Holy Nut online?

There is no online ordering system, nor is there a shipping service. You can buy Holy Nut at all the retailers listed under ‘where to buy’.


For larger catering quantities (from 30 persons), whole cake orders (from 18cm/7inch cakes; see next question!) or specials like two, three of four tiered wedding cakes you can contact Holy Nut using our contact form.

For smaller quantities please go to one of the Holy Nut stockist listed under ‘Where to buy’.



Can I order a whole cake?  (Not available at the moment) 

Yes, we have standard whole cakes that are 18cm/7inch and serve 12 to 14 people for €39,50

Please note: Holy Nut kitchen pick-up on appointment only on weekdays! (in Amsterdam Oud-West)

Currently there are three flavours available:

– Chocolate Salted-Caramel

– Mango Lime Coconut

– Double Choc Almond-Fudge

For ordering please contact us using our contact form.


Does Holy Nut need to be kept cold?

Yes, just like ‘normal’ pastry, Holy Nut needs to be kept cold. You can keep Holy Nut in your fridge for a couple of days. Holy Nut freezes well too up to 6 weeks!


Can I work or do an internship at Holy Nut?

If there are vacancies, they will be announced on this website. So please keep an eye on that.